Steve Russell - President
Marie Thomas - Vice President
Gail Blair - Secretary
Patti Aguilar - Treasurer
Bobby Wood - Immediate Past President
Barbara Parker

Diann Goates
Jeff McClendon
Rebecca Ellis
Phillip Lunsford
Denise Craig
Trisha Rice
Seth Alexander
Jan Garrett




Academic Rodeo - Jeff & Charey McClendon

     Spelling Bee - Amy Grubbs

     Poster Contest – Amy Hinton and Brendan Dennehy

     Speech Contest - Kristin Williams

     Essay Contest & Poetry Contest – Leslie Amerson

     Math Contest – Wynona Rutledge

     Science Fair - Susan Gage

     Bible Scripture Reading -  Jennifer Tosh

Bake Show -  Julie Reynolds

Chili Cookoff  -  Seth Alexander

Creative Arts – Ann Spencer

     Horticulture - Andi Caraway

     Food Preservation - Kati Whitaker

     Needlework, Handwork, Clothing - Brenda White

     Holiday Corner, Crafts - Faye Dawson

     Crocheting, Knitting, Baby Items - Sandra Swofford

     Quilts - Reba Dehls

     Designer Craftsmen - Gayle Boase

Fine Arts – Shirley Clay

Livestock – Livestock Show Directors – Jan Garrett & Ted Bradley

     Broiler Superintendent – Amy Eubanks

     Goat & Lamb Superintendent - Wendi Harkey

     Heifer Show Superintendent - Jan Garrett

     Hog Show Superintendent - Ed Schmitt

     Steer Show Superintendent - Ted Bradley

Ag Mechanics – Steve Thomas

Agricultural Public Speaking – Mike Hall & Amy Eubanks

Photography – Leslie & Geary Jenkins

Scholarships – Barbara Parker

Security – Jimmy Parker

Web Master – Jerod Parker, Trisha Rice

Computer Support – Kevin Baker, Linda Collins, LaDoyce Davis, Vicky Russell

Entertainment Stage – Esther & Tim Holliday

Local Entertainment – Rebecca Ellis

Senior Citizen Activity – Diann Goates

Database -  Trisha Rice & Phillip Lunsford



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