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Titus County Fair Taco Contest

Titus County Taco Contest

Entry Form and Rules


Participation Rules:

These rules are relatively simple; bring us the best and most creative taco you can make.

1. There is no entry charge for a team, due to space there will be a limit of 20 teams.

2. Recipes should be easy to put together. Speed is crucial and restaurants should be prepared to serve 50+ tacos per hour.

3. Ingredients are at your discretion as long as they can be prepared quickly. You should arrive with the main ingredients pre-batched and garnishes cut. Cooking on-site is limited to what you can do at your table. 

4. Tacos will be unlimited for the guests and there will be 200-400 attendees, so come prepared with enough ingredients to make anywhere from 250+ tacos. Plan on using 4" or 6" tortillas.

5. Titus County Fair will be providing paper boats, forks, and cocktail napkins for each person that buys a lunch ticket.

6. You must bring your own Tables, Tents, Table Coverings, Etc. No wood burning fires will be allowed. If needed, you must provide your own generators and gas burners. 

7. Chefs and two assistants can create a team to participate and attend the event, and each booth will receive three vendor passes. Teams are maxed at three people and each booth is responsible for splitting up prizes amongst themselves.

8. Chef, assistants, Team Name and list of ingredients must be turned in by Friday, September 20th to guarantee signage and print inclusion. 

9. Tacos are judged by a panel of local judges for the Most Creative and Best Overall taco. There will also be a People’s Choice Award.

10. Team prizes are $1,000 for Best Overall Taco, $500 for People’s Choice Award, and $250 for Most Creative Taco.

11. You are encouraged to help boost event attendance by promoting the event on their social media channels.

12. . By 10:00 a.m. each team must be checked in by Committee Chairman, Seth Alexander, before you start cooking. Full list of ingredients will not be given to the public, unless requested for allergy reasons. All food present on day of event must be on the ingredients list, and will be checked before you’re allowed to start cooking.

13.  You should not break down before the event is over at 1:30 p.m. Tacos can be purchased by the public from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  $10.00 ticket - 5 tacos, drink and dessert. 

14.  Winners will be announced at 1:15 p.m., in front of Civic Center.

15. For general questions contact Seth Alexander at (903) 563-0516 



2023 Winners
$1,000 Best Overall Taco -  Kim Clemens
$500 People's Choice - Bennie Sanchez
$250 Most Creative - Northridge Church of Christ

2022 Winners
$1,000 Best Overall Taco - NWTF of Titus County
$500  People's Choice - Fat Cats Tacos
$250  Most Creatove - 5B Burger Company


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