Titus County Fair


Breeding Ewe Show


Kathryn Heintz, Superintendent

 Breeding Ewe Show Application


Exhibitors must follow the Titus County Fair Junior Show general rules. Commercial ewes

must weigh in (master schedule) Registered ewes must check in with animal and original

registration papers for tooth inspection (master schedule) All ewes must be officially

identified with a Scrapie tag and registered ewes must have a flock tag corresponding to

their registration papers. Commercial Ewes show first, followed by Registered Ewes


1. All entries must be submitted on an official Titus County Breeding Ewe Entry form.

Registered Ewes.

Entry fee is $25.00 per ewe. Entries are due by 4:00 pm on Sept 1, 2024 to the Titus County Fair

Office. Late entries will not be accepted.

2. Animals entered in the registered show must be registered in the exhibitor’s name in

the flock book of their respective breed association and all ownership, transfer dates,

or registry recordings must be on or before September 1, 2024. Family partnerships

are allowed. The name of the exhibitor must be listed on the papers. (Example: “Sally

Smith and Johnny Smith” are listed on the registration paper. Either Sally or Johnny

may exhibit the ewe. If “Smith Family” is listed on the registration papers, neither child

is eligible to show the ewe.)

3. Ownership of commercial ewes will be verified by either a 2024 Titus County Fair Tag, a

Texas Majors Official Validation tag, or a signed statement from the CET/AST leader

including the complete scrapie tag number written on the entry form.

4. There will be a minimum of three (3) ewes per breed in the registered classes. Breeds

with less than three (3) animals will show as “Other Registered Breeds”. Commercial

ewes will show by weight and classes will be determined by the number of entries.

5. Ewes may not be entered in both registered classes and commercial classes. Either

registered or commercial ewes may also be entered in the Titus County Fair Market

Lamb Show.

6. Sheep will be shown according to tooth development. The show superintendent and

their assistants will inspect the teeth of all entries at the time of check-in at the show.

7. Classes offered are Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Showmanship, Commercial Ewe

classes, Champion Commercial Ewe, Reserve Champion Commercial Ewe. Registered

Ewes will have classes for Ewe Lamb, Yearling/Aged Ewes, Breed Champion, Grand

Champion Breeding Ewe, and Reserve Champion Breeding Ewe.

8. Ewe Lambs- All ewe lambs must be carrying all milk teeth (deciduous incisors) at the

time of check-in. Lambs which have lost a deciduous incisor, or show one or both

teeth of the first pair of permanent incisors will not be eligible to show in the Ewe

Lamb Class.

9. Yearling/Aged- All ewes must show one or both teeth of the first pair of permanent

incisors. Any ewe which shows more than 4 permanent incisors will be disqualified. (6

tooth ewes are ineligible to show.)

10. Exhibitors may show either a registered ewe or commercial ewe for showmanship and

must be entered in either the registered ewe or commercial ewe shows to be eligible

to participate in Breeding Ewe showmanship classes.

11. 1st and 2nd place entries in the Ewe Lamb and Yearling/Aged classes will compete in

the Registered Breed Champion class. A Breed Champion and Reserve Breed

Champion will be selected. Grand Champion Breeding Ewe Class - Each registered

breed will be represented by their Champion and Reserve Champion in the Grand

Drive. These ewes will be judged and an overall Grand Champion and Reserve

Champion will be selected.

12. Champion and Reserve Champion Commercial Ewes will be selected from 1st and 2nd

place class winners in the Commercial Ewe Show. (Registered and Commercial Ewes

will not be judged against one another.)

13. Awards will be presented to the Grand Champion Registered Ewe, Reserve Champion

Registered Ewe, Grand Champion Commercial Ewe, and Reserve Champion

Commercial Ewe. Other prizes and awards may also be given, at the discretion of the

show superintendent.

14. There is no limit on the number of ewes an exhibitor may enter, provided the ewes

meet eligibility criteria listed above. If an exhibitor has multiple ewes in a class,

another current Titus County Fair exhibitor may show the additional animal.

15. Registered ewes must be shorn in the manner that is customary for that breed.

Commercial ewes must be slick sheared over the entire body, including the belly,

within 1 week of show. Wool caps and boot wool are acceptable in both commercial

and registered ewes shows.

16. Heelers (assistants in the ring) are allowed in the Registered Ewe show, provided they

are a current exhibitor entered in the Titus County Fair. Each exhibitor may have 1

heeler in the ring to assist in the presentation of the registered ewe. Commercial ewe

exhibitors may not utilize heelers


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