Bible Scripture Reading

Bible Scripture Reading

Bible Scripture Public Reading

Open to grades from 3rd through 6th.   

Contest Coordinator: Jennifer Tosh

Contestants (3) must be registered by September 13th, 2024. A link for registration will be provided to the school to complete the registration.


Sunday, September 22, 2024

            3rd Grade          2:30 – 3:45 pm

            4th Grade          4:00 – 5:15 pm

            5th Grade          5:30 – 6:45 pm

            6th Grade          7:00 – 8:00 pm


Contest Guidelines
1.  Contestants may use the King James or NIV Bibles.  Students should provide a short introduction and conclusion that explains where their passage is located in the Bible and why they chose it.  Bible passage must come from concurrent scriptures.  The selection must include a minimum of 3-4 verses from the Bible.  A single verse is not enough.  Example: Matthew 3:1-15.

    Grades 3/4- Time Limit – 1-2 minutes

    Grades 5/6 –Time Limit – 3-4 minutes

2.   Bible Scripture Reading will be judged by a point system similar to the Speech contest.  Contestants will be judged in areas such as enunciation, poise, voice tone & etc. (see following score sheet).

3.  Face & hand expressions ONLY.  NO costumes or props!!!

4.  Schools are responsible for selecting top 3 candidates in each grade. (NO ALTERNATE)

5.  All contestants should arrive 15 minutes early for their contests.

6.  Each contestant will be assigned a number.

7.  Contestants may use notes, read the scripture, or memorize for extra points.

8. An adjustable podium can be provided.

9. Bible Reading may be done in Spanish in ALL grades.  (Please indicate it will be in Spanish at registration) This is NOT a separate contest.  All contestants will compete with their grade level.

10. Small children should be left out of the speaking room.  Audience members will be allowed to enter and exit between speeches.  Room will be cleared after each grade level.

11. There will be three judges and a person to greet and register each contestant.

12. Each participant will receive a ribbon.  First place in each contest level will receive a $30 Award, Second place will receive a $20 Award and Third place will receive a $10 Award.

13. Each participant will receive a free ticket to the fair.

14. Winners will be announced immediately following the judges' decision in the East Room.