Fine Arts


Fine Arts 2024
Sponsored by :  Mt. Pleasant Art Society

Shirley Clay, Chairman

Entry Labels

Registration SUNDAY, September 22nd from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., Titus County Civic Center

1. All entries must be made by and exhibited by residents of Titus, Camp, Morris, Franklin or Red River Counties ONLY or current students at NTCC (must show current NTCC ID).  One free ticket to the fair will be given to each individual who enters one or more items in either Creative or Fine Arts.

2. Entry must have been completed and dated in the past year. 

3. Due to the limited space and time, the number of entries must be limited to four (4) paintings per person.

4. No entry shall exceed 30" x 40" (including the frame and/or mat) and no smaller than 5" x 7".

5. Matted work must be matted with mat board or foam board and must have a permanant, securely attached hanger on back (wire for heavier entries). Entries submitted on light weight paper (copy paper or thin card stock) must be backed.  Works not following this rule will NOT BE ACCEPTED.  The Fine Arts Department reserves the right to prohibit the entry of any painting it deems unworthy or unsuitable for exhibition.  Framed artwork will not be accepted with glass.  Plexiglass is acceptable but not required. 

6. Care will be taken with all entries. The Titus County Fair Association nor Mt. Pleasant Art Society will not be responsible for any damage or theft.

7. Entries must be picked up SUNDAY, September 29, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. All entries must remain in place until pick-up time. No responsibility is taken by Fair Officials, TCFA, or Civic Center personnel for entries not picked up on Sunday.

8. Group entries brought by instructor or representative MUST BE PICKED UP AS A GROUP by instructor or a representative on Sunday, September 29, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. (refer to #7 above).

9. Decision of the judges is final.  (Medium and Subject Classes may be established according to number of entries for judging.)

10. Each entry will require 2 labels and must be labeled BEFORE entering using the Fine Arts Department Labels found in the back of the catalog, or on website. NO LABELING WILL BE DONE BY ANY FAIR OFFICIAL OR WORKER. Attach one label on the back on upper left-hand corner and turn in second label with entry.

11. ALL WORK MUST BE SIGNED AND DATED ON FRONT.  Work will not be accepted if not dated on the front of piece. 

12. All ribbon awards will be made on the basis of merit, and if in the opinion of the judge(s), no item in a class deserves first place, no first place ribbon will be awarded.  Placing will be solely decided by the judge(s).

13. Award ribbons will be presented as follows:

Green Participation Ribbon – placed on all entries not receiving 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in Children’s, Junior, and All Stars Divisions.

Pink Honorable Mention – placed on basis of merit by judge(s) in Intermediate, Senior, and Adult Divisions.

In All Divisions:

White Ribbon – 3rd place – 1 for each medium/subject class 
Red Ribbon – 2nd – 1 for each medium/subject class
Blue Ribbon – 1st – 1 for each medium/subject class 
Sweepstakes Award – 1 given in each division

Blue Ribbon Winners in Junior, Intermediate, Senior and All Star Divisions will receive an art kit.


Children’s Art – ages 4 – 7 (blue)
Junior –ages 8 – 11 (red)
Intermediate - ages 12 – 14 (green)
Senior – ages 15 – 18 (yellow)
Adult – ages 19 & up (orange)
Professional Adult – ages 19 & up (white)    (defined as: art teachers, members of professional art organization or in business for self or selling art work) 
All Stars – Special Needs (star)

14.  Sweepstakes Winners photos will be taken individually on Sunday afternoon during pickup.



***USE LABELS***   Apply one label in upper left-hand corner on back and turn in second label with each entry.  Entry Labels

ACRYLIC - Section A

Class 1 - Landscape (entry code: FA-A01)
Class 2 - Still Life (entry code FA-A02)
Class 3 - Portrait/People (entry code FA-A03)
Class 4 - Animal/Bird (entry code FA-A04)
Class 5 - Abstract/Original (entry code FA-A05)
Class 6 - Fantasy/Comic (entry code FA-A06

OIL - Section B
Class 1 - Landscape (entry code: FA-B01)
Class 2 - Still Life (entry code FA-B02)
Class 3 - Portrait/People (entry code FA-B03)
Class 4 - Animal/Bird  (entry code FA-B04)
Class 5 - Abstract/Original  (entry code FA-B05)
Class 6 - Fantasy/Comic  (entry code FA-B06)

Class 1 - Landscape (entry code: FA-C01)
Class 2 - Still Life (entry code FA-C02)
Class 3 - Portrait/People (entry code FA-C03)
Class 4 - Animal/Bird  (entry code FA-C04)
Class 5 - Abstract/Original (entry code FA-C05)
Class 6 - Fantasy/Comic  (entry code FA-C06)

DRAWING (Graphite/Pencil) - Section D
Class 1 - Landscape (entry code: FA-D01)
Class 2 - Still Life (entry code FA-D02)
Class 3 - Portrait/People (entry code FA-D03)
Class 4 - Animal/Bird  (entry code FA-D04)
Class 5 - Abstract/Original  (entry code FA-D05)
Class 6 - Fantasy/Comic  (entry code FA-D06)

DRAWING (Colored Pencils) - Section E
Class 1 - Landscape (entry code: FA-E01)
Class 2 - Still Life (entry code FA-E02)
Class 3 - Portrait/People (entry code FA-E03)
Class 4 - Animal/Bird (entry code FA-E04)
Class 5 - Abstract/Original (entry code FA-E05)
Class 6 - Fantasy/Comic (entry code FA-E06)

PASTEL (Oil or Dry) - Section F
Class 1 - Landscape (entry code: FA-F01)
Class 2 - Still Life (entry code FA-F02)
Class 3 - Portrait/People (entry code FA-F03)
Class 4 - Animal/Bird (entry code FA-F04)
Class 5 - Abstract/Original (entry code FA-F05)
Class 6 - Fantasy/Comic (entry code FA-F06)

CRAYON (Used to create drawing) - Section G
Class 1 - Landscape (entry code: FA-G01)
Class 2 - Still Life (entry code FA-G02)
Class 3 - Portrait/People (entry code FA-G03)
Class 4 - Animal/Bird (entry code FA-G04)
Class 5 - Abstract/Original (entry code FA-G05)
Class 6 - Fantasy/Comic (entry code FA-G06)

COMPUTER/MACHINE ASSISTED (Manipulation of an image using computer) - Section H
Class 1 - Landscape (entry code: FA-H01)
Class 2 - Still Life (entry code FA-H02)
Class 3 - Portrait/People (entry code FA-H03)
Class 4 - Animal/Bird  (entry code FA-H04)
Class 5 - Abstract/Original (entry code FA-H05)
Class 6 - Fantasy/Comic  (entry code FA-H06)

MIXED MEDIUM and ALL MARKERS (Combination of 2 or more mediums) - Section I
Class 1 - Landscape (entry code: FA-I01)
Class 2 - Still Life (entry code FA-I02)
Class 3 - Portrait/People (entry code FA-I03)
Class 4 - Animal/Bird (entry code FA-I04)
Class 5 - Abstract/Original (entry code FA-I05)
Class 6 - Fantasy/Comic (entry code FA-I06)

PEN & INK (Color or Black/White) - Section J
Class 1 - Landscape (entry code: FA-J01)
Class 2 - Still Life (entry code FA-J02)
Class 3 - Portrait/People (entry code FA-J03)
Class 4 - Animal/Bird (entry code FA-J04)
Class 5 - Abstract/Original (entry code FA-J05)
Class 6 - Fantasy/Comic (entry code FA-J06)