2022 Fair Results


NEEDLEWORK - Youth (11 and under) 

Jace Hallonquist 1st baby Yoda pillowcase
Kaylin Verwolf 1st plastic canvas & cane


NEEDLEWORK - Junior (12-18)

Kayla Brooks 1st / Best of Show summer scene
Priscilla Brooks 1st  two birds


Margaret Bradley 1st cactus tea towel
Kristy Barker 1st boot with sunflowers
Kayla McMains 1st santa ornament
Lisa McMains 2nd pumpkin welcome door hanger
Kristy Barker 1st/Best of Class 3 puppies in suitcase


NEEDLEWORK - Senior (65 and over) 

Margaret Shumate 1st flower hummingbird pillow
Wanda Tucker 1st / Best of Class / Best of Show/ Sweepstakes cross-stitch desert canyon
Betty Brock 1st red bird
Betty Brock  1st  lovely birds
Sharon Kennedy 1st plastic canvas kite magnet


Aleesha Jones 1st

multi color woven pot holders


HANDWORK - Senior (65 and over) 

Sharon Kennedy 1st liquid embroidery horse head
Sharon Kennedy 1st / Best of Class liquid embroidery fox picture



Tammy Hernandez 1st yel, melon, green
Tonnya Cameron 2nd triple stitch multi color
Tonnya Cameron 3rd dbl stitch afghan purple/white
Kayla McMains 1st/Best of Class gold beanie
Kayla McMains 1st blue/brown beanie
Cheyenne Lee 1st pink/gray blanket
Ellen Raney 2nd turtle cover (cozy)
Ellen Raney 1st stuffed triceatops
Lisa McMains 1st black multi color beenie


CROCHETING - 65 and older

Margaret Laing 2nd Multi color/beige
Carotina Barrientos 2nd Oat hombre Afghan
Carotina Barrientos 1st/Best of Class/Best of Show early fall afghan
Nelda Johnson 2nd pink girl's knitted sweater
Nelda Johnson 1st/Best of Class/Best of Show/Sweepstakes blue boy's knitted sweater


KNITTING -  12-18

Kayla Brooks 2nd Teal Cowl Scarf


Carrie Jones 2nd Cowboy Baby Comforter
Vickie Freelen 2nd Construction Baby Quilt
Trisha Rice 2nd Turquoise/white/blue baby afghan
Cheyenne Lee 2nd sage/cream hand tied blanket


BABY ITEMS - 65 and older

Reba Dehls 1st/Best of Class pink grn baby quilt original
Nelda Johnson 1st paper pieced baby quilt
Nelda Johnson 2nd flannel baby quilt
Margaret Shumate 1st/Best of Class/Best of Show/Sweepstakes Foxes cross stitch baby quilt
Carolina Barrentos 1st baby bunny afghan
Barbara Belcher 2nd pink stips baby afghan crochet
Barbara Belcher 1st

blue/white spec baby afghan crochet


QUILTS -  12-18

Hannah Whitaker 1st/Best of Class/Best of Show/Sweepstakes Turquoise quilt


QUILTS - Adult

Laura Wallace 1st strip style lap quilt
Megan McGowan 1st on point quilted table runner


QUILTS - 65 and over 

Janet Fletcher 1st/Best of Class AV campers-home
Marilyn Dow 1st Christmas quilt
Janis Brooks 1st/Best of Class with all my heart
Janis Brooks 1st Civil War Era
Janis Brooks 1st Unity
Janis Brooks 1st/Best of Class/Best of Show/Sweepstakes Botanical Park


QUILTS - 75 and over

Reba Dehls 1st Mystery Quilt (multi color) 
Reba Dehls 1st Days, weeks, months  Embroidery


CLOTHING - Youth (11 and under) 

Lanna Hallonquist 1st / Best of Class / Best of Show  red floral apron with pockets



Tanya Hill 2nd rodeo sweetheart
Tanya Hill 1st / Best of Show rebel cheer
Tanya Hill 1st ruffle bubble romper
Margaret Bradley 1st girl's floral dress
Tanya Hill 1st rodeo kid - bells
Tanya Hill 1st llamas - pink
Tonnya Cameron 1st  yellow t-shirt
Kayla McMains 1st  4th of July pants
Margaret Bradley 1st eraser skirt
Tonnya Cameron 1st Mama Tried 
Tonnya Cameron 1st vinyl sunflower t-shirt


CLOTHING - Senior (65 and older) 

Libby Harkey 1st boy's baby bubble
Libby Harkey 1st girl's baby bubble


HORTICULTURE - 65 and older

Judy Easley 1st/Best of Class Onions
Linda Blalock 1st green Okra
Judy Easley 1st green Okra
Linda Blalock  1st/ Best of Class Cream Peas
Linda Blalock 1st Keefer Pears
Mary Moore 1st Fresh Eggs



Mike Swafford 1st/Best of Show yellow onions   
Mike Swafford 1st/Best of Class purple onions
Kayla McMains 1st white mini pumpkin
Mike Swafford 1st green okra
Mike Swafford 1st banana pepper
Mike Swafford 1st banana - Hot
Mike Swafford 1st Jalapeno
Mike Swafford 1st cayenne pepper 
Mike Swafford 1st habanero pepper
Mike Swafford 1st/Best of Show egg plant - traditional 
Cheyenne Lee 1st basil
Tonya Mullins 1st sweet basil
Terry Heavin 1st rosemary
Cheyenne Lee 1st rosemary
Cheyenne Lee 1st mint choco
Tonya Mullins 1st lavendar
Cheyenne Lee 1st patchouli herb
Mike Swafford 1st/Best in Show bartlett pear
Kayla McMains 1st/Best in Class Ornamental (the trio)
Cheyenne Lee 1st fresh eggs
Kitty O'Rand 1st/ Best of Show fresh eggs, quail

HORTICULTURE - Youth (11 and under)

Maverick Williams 1st miniature pumpkin
Maverick Williams 1st cushaw
Maverick Williams 1st summer squash
Maverick Williams 1st/Best of Show/Sweepstakes ornamental gourd
Conner Cameron 1st/Best of Class fresh eggs 

CRAFTS - Youth (11-under)

Naomi Kimbro 2nd wish
Benjamin Brooks 2nd oar with anchor
Naomi Kimbro 2nd  disney favorite painting
Kaylin Verwolf 1st mermaid scale earrings
Brent Verwolf 1st celtic scales earrings
Brent Verwolf 1st Captain American scale earrings
Kaylin Verwolf 1st chainmail beads & bells
Kaylin Verwolf 2nd hand marbled small bag
Naomi Kimbro 2nd the adventure of life
Ruby Gardner 1st vase w/pipe cleaners 


CRAFTS - Junior (12-18)

Emily Mendez 2nd emptiness
Jet Bass 2nd lost in the jungle wall hanging
Yaretzi Person 1st / Best of Class / Best of Show autumn leaves are falling down
Jet Bass 2nd monster box
Miriam Rose Simmons 1st bedroom pillow
Kayla Brooks 1st 4th of July / spring sign
Eric Verwolf 1st Byzantine Chaimaile bracelet
Elena Salinas 1st chick quilling
Kayla Brooks  1st/ Best of Class / Best of Show/ Sweepstakes chocolate shop
Priscilla Brooks 1st/ Best of Class / Best of Show/Sweepstakes tea garden & shop
Miriam Rose Simmons 1st tea cup flowers
Priscilla Brooks 2nd leather tray



Laura Wallace 1st quilted bird tapestry
Tonnya Cameron 2nd fall wreath wall hanging
Kayla McMains 2nd McMain Sign
Kayla McMains 2nd bunny pen sign
Kayla McMains 1st flower wheelbarrow
Kayla McMains 2nd orange/brown wood coasters
Kayla McMains 2nd Texas deer skull
Kayla McMains 2nd red clay pots bird feeder
David Verwolf 1st Byzantine Chainmail necklace
Crystal Chandler 1st snowflake earrings
Crystal Chandler 1st lace earrings
Kayla McMains 1st western earrings
Kayla McMains 1st Japanese earrings
Kayla McMains 2nd elephant earrings
Kayla McMains 2nd cross bracelet
Tonya Mullins 2nd 4th of July flower arrangement
Kayla McMains 2nd Grandmothers flowers
Kayla McMains 2nd pastel duck
Crystal Chandler 1st floral cluster earrings
Lisa Simmons 1st beaded tree
Barbara Hendricks 2nd bead work dove
Laura Wallace 1st draw string golf bag
Laura Wallace 1st Paris cards
Kayla McMains 1st/Best of Class/Best of Show Cherokees Memorial
Aleesha Jones 1st woven pot holder
Lisa Simmons 1st coffee tea cup
Mollie Simmons  1st button tea cup
Kayla McMains 1st dream catcher staff
Kayla McMains 1st Gypsy cow skull
Kayla McMains 2nd Hedgehog light 
Tonnya Cameron 1st wooden cross flag
Tonnya Cameron 1st wooden cross cowhide
Tonnya Cameron 1st wooden cross cowboy
Tonnya Cameron 2nd Dallas Cowboy sign


CRAFTS - Senior (65 and over) 

Janice Snider 1st wall hanging
Jane Crites 1st cotton braided door wreath
Mary Moore 1st door wreath
Jane Crites 1st braided door handmade flowers
Nancy Keck 2nd balloon wreath
Diann Goates 1st under the sea
Mary Moore 1st/ Best of Class/Best of Show table arrangement
Sharon Kennedy 2nd chain mail arrowhead necklace
Sharon Kennedy 1st mermaid bracelet
Jane Crites 1st interchangable bow arrangement
Sharon Kennedy 1st wedding card
Sharon Kennedy 2nd rainforest page
Sharon Kennedy 1st Dad & milk cow page
Sharon Kennedy 1st 2 page scrap book pages
Sharon Kennedy 1st birthday card
Sharon Kennedy 1st anniversary card
Wanda Tucker 1st recycled coyote


CRAFTS - Professional

Kendra Verwolf 2nd rainbow scalemail necklace
Kendra Verwolf 2nd chain maille saggy earrings
Kendra Verwolf 2nd flag scale necklace & earrings
Kendra Verwolf 1st scalemail battle skirt
Kendra Verwolf 2nd chain mail dragon


HOLIDAY CORNER - Youth (11 and under) 

Brooklyn White 2nd  snowman Christmas
Brooklyn White 1st / Best of Class angel/pearly vase
Brooklyn White 1st gray cat



Kitty O'Rand 1st winter snowflake
Kayla McMains 2nd Christmas centerpiece
Kayla McMains 1st/ Best of Class Halloween centerpiece
Megan McCowan 1st/ Best of Class/ Best of Show, Sweepstakes skelton wall hanging
Kayla McMains 2nd Christmas wreath
Kayla McMains 1st Halloween wreath
Tonnya Cameron 2nd Holiday Decor wreath
Kayla McMains 2nd gnome wreath
Tonnya Cameron 1st holiday fall/metal basket


HOLIDAY CORNER - Senior (65 and older) 

Sharon Kennedy 2nd beaded candy cane
Sandra Swofford 1st angel Christmas
Sharon Kennedy 1st Christmas card
Janet Fletcher 1st / Best of Class / Best of Show/ Sweepstakes Santa hanger quilted w/beard
Reba Dehls 1st Christmas placemats and table runner
Jane Crites 1st interchangebale bow arrangement
Bonnie Thomas 1st pumpkin floral
Marylin Dow 1st /Best of Class painted wooden pumpkin
Jane Crites 1st Christmas wreath oval
Jane Crites 1st/ Best of Class/ Best of Show Cardinal Christmas wreath


DESIGNER CRAFTS - Junior (12-18)

Rose Chandler 2nd treat turtle
Rose Chandler 2nd Kirby & Waddle Dee
Trinity Neuman 1st/Best of Class/Best of Show/Sweepstakes Deer Head
Mia Wilson 1st the girl in green - woodburning
Trinity Neuman 3rd wood burning
Rose Chandler 1st dragon



Richard Chandler 1st "creative fun" set
Tracy Baslee 1st navy wooden chest
Kayla McMains 2nd  ceramic shop
Lisa McMains 1st pumpkin centerpiece
Kayla McMains 1st/Best of Show/Sweepstakes dice tower 


DESIGNER CRAFTS - Senior (65 and over)

Pleasant Springs 1st/Best of Class/Best of Show/Sweepstakes fairy garden
LeAnn Facklam 1st/Best of Class/Best of Show/Sweepstakes dollhouse

DESIGNER CRAFTS - Professional 

Crystal Chandler 1st flower and vine ring set
Crystal Chandler 1st bowl and plate set
Jeremy Haynes 1st/Best of Class/Best of Show/Sweepstakes side handle teapot
Jeremy Haynes 1st donut teapot


FOOD PRESERVATION - Seniors (65 and older) 

Linda Hughes 1st/Best of Class whole tomatoes
Judy Easley 1st/Best of Class/Best of Show  green beans - cut
Linda Hughes 1st/Best of Class soup mixture
Judy Easley 1st/Best of Class sweet cucumber sticks
Linda Blalock 1st/Best of Class bread & butter pickles
Linda Blalock 1st lime pickles
Judy Easley 1st/Best of Class/Best of Show/Sweepstakes pickled okra
Mary Moore 1st whole peppers
Judy Easley 1st/Best of Class/Best of Show sauerkraut
Linda Hughes 1st  sauerkraut
Linda Hughes 1st/Best of Class/Best of Show strawberry jam
Kaiden Smith 1st/Best of Class misc jams
Linda Hughes 1st/Best of Class/Best of Show other pepper jellies
Mary Moore 1st/Best of Class/Best of Show peach preserves
Mary Moore 1st misc preserves
John Wood 1st/Best of Class/Best of Show comb in honey
John Wood 1st / Best of Class no comb honey



Kayla McMains 1st cut tomatoes
Staci Hinton 1st cut tomatoes
Lisa McMains 1st/ Best of Class cut tomatoes
Clidene Swafford 1st cut tomatoes
Clidene Swafford 1st/ Best of Class mixed tomatoes
Cheyenne Lee 1st / Best of Class whole kernal corn
Vicki Kaiser 1st/ Best of Class/ Best of Show green beans cut
Tonya Mullins 1st / Best of Class diced potatoes
Clidene Swafford 1st /Best of Class yellow squash
Clidene Swafford 1st / Best of Class zucchini squash
Staci Hinton 1st / Best of Class vegetable soup mixture
Clidene Swafford 1st / Best of Class tomato juice
Cheyenne Lee 1st dill pickle slices
Bailey Luker-Lick 1st / Best of Class slice dill pickles
Barbara Hendricks 1st kosher cucumber slices
Vicki Kaiser 1st / Best of Class bread & butter pickles
Cheyenne Lee 1st bread & butter pickles
Cheyenne Lee 1st hot garlic pickles
Clidene Swafford 1st banana peppers sliced
Kitty O'Rand 1st misc pickled items
Cheyenne Lee 1st spicy pickles
Clidene Swafford 1st/ Best of Class/Best of Show/Sweepstakes misc pickled items
Cheyenne Lee 1st hot pepper relish
Cheyenne Lee 1st sweet pepper relish
Barbara Hendricks 1st tomato relish
Clidene Swafford  1st/ Best of Class tomato relish
Kayla McMains 1st sweet cucumber relish
Staci Hinton 1st / Best of Class sweet cucumber relish
Clidene Swafford 1st sweet cucumber relish
Clidene Swafford 1st dill cucumber relish
Staci Hinton 1st squash relish - yellow
Jill Klepzig 1st zucchini squash relish
Cheyenne Lee 1st / Best of Class / Best of Show corn relish
Cheyenne Lee 1st bourben peach cobbler jam
Clidene Swafford 1st / Best of Class peach jam
Clidene Swafford 1st strawberry jam
Cheyenne Lee 1st blackberry jam
Clidene Swafford 1st cinnamon apple jam
Cheyenne Lee 1st carrot cake jam
Cheyenne Lee 1st misc jam - lemon
Clidene Swafford 1st misc jam - orange
Clidene Swafford 1st misc jam - zucchini bread
Clidene Swafford 1st misc jam - zucchini strawberry 
Clidene Swafford 1st / Best of Class / Best of Show  misc jam - zucchini peach 
Cheyenne Lee 1st  rosemary fig
Jill Klepzig 1st plum jelly
Vicki Kaiser 1st plum jelly
Cheyenne Lee 1st wild plum jelly
Clidene Swafford 1st peach jelly
Cheyenne Lee 1st muscadine jelly
Clidene Swafford 1st/ Best of Class/ Best of Show apple jelly
Cheyenne Lee 1st / Best of Class pear jelly
Vicki Kaiser 1st/ Best of Class strawberry preserves
Cheyenne Lee 1st strawberry preserves
Cheyenne Lee 1st / Best of Class / Best of Show vanilla bean pear preserves
Barbara Hendricks 1st fig preserves
Tonya Mullins 1st / Best of Class orange marmalade
Cheyenne Lee 1st apple butter
Cheyenne Lee 1st / Best of Class/ Best of Show spiced pumpkin butter
Cheyenne Lee 1st / Best of Class / Best of Show dried herbs - rose petals
Kayla McMains 1st /Best of Class salsa
Lisa McMains 1st salsa
Clidene Swafford 1st salsa
Kayla McMains 1st tomato sauce
Lisa McMains 1st /Best of Class tomato sauce
Kayla McMains 1st other sauce specialities
Lisa McMains 1st other sauce specialities
Tonya Mullins 1st / Best of Class  other sauce specialities


FOOD PRESERVATION - Junior (12-18)

Natalia Sekulic 1st / Best of Class dill sticks
Natalia Sekulic 1st / Best of Class / Best of Show strawberry jam
Skye Klepzig 1st pear butter
Skye Klepzig 1st / Best of Class / Best of Show / Sweepstakes sweet cucumber sticks
Savannah Mullins 1st /Best of Class apple jelly


FOOD PRESERVATION - Youth (11 & under) 

Maverck Williams 1st / Best of Class jalapeno pepper sliced
Lilly Cameron 1st peach jam
Lilly Cameron 1st / Best of Class / Best of Show strawberry jam
Jace Klepzig 1st/Best of Class / Best of Show muscadine jelly
Lilly Cameron 1st / Best of Class grape jelly
Aurora Talsma 1st  pear jelly
Anabella Talsma 1st blackberry/chocolate/orange zest
Hendrix Talsma 1st watermelon jelly
Conner Cameron 1st /Best of Class honey comb in
Conner Cameron 1st / Best of Class / Best of Show honey no comb
Maverick Williams 1st / Best of Class salsa
Maverick Williams 1st / Best of Class chili sauce
Maverick Williams 1st / Best of Class / Best of Show / Sweepstakes other  sauce specilities 


FINE ARTS - Junior (8-11)
Section A - Acrylic

Holland Hageman 2nd Bluebonnet
Lilly Cameron 1st / Best of Show Desert Beauty
Harmony Guerra 3rd Sea Sunset
Naomi Kimbrough 1st bloom
Holland Hageman 2nd Merry Christmas
Emy Chappell 2nd Longhorn
Mayra Rangel 1st sunflower butterfly
Reece Crane 2nd disruption of the peace
Reece Crane 3rd dream
Holland Hageman 1st Paris
Avaclaire Hageman Honorable Mention Northern Light


Section C - Watercolor (8-11) Junior

Jeta Means 1st A night away
Peyton Seelback 2nd desert night
Ivania Jimenez 1st capy baras
Maverick Williams 2nd fishing for dinner


Section D - Drawing (graphite/pencil)   (8-11) Junior

Holland Hageman 2nd Sunshine
Avaclair Hageman Honorable Mention Tired girl
Olivia Calhoun Honorable Mention


Avaclair Hageman 1st Flowers in the Breeze


Section E - Drawing (colored pencils)   (8-11) Junior

Isaac Tagg 1st Minnesota Vikings


Section F - Pastel (oil or dry)   (8-11)  Junior

Valeria Lopez 2nd space face


Section I - Mixed Medium and All Markers (combination of 2 or more mediums)

Keziah Gasaway 2nd the place of dreams
Maverick Williams 3rd King Tusk
Sophie Tagg 2nd Roaring Lion
Scarlett Tayfoya 1st, Best of Class Under the Sea
Sophie Tagg 2nd water cove
Ethan Falagaipupu 2nd anger
Sophie Tagg 1st Narutu & Saske Fighting
Eli R Berry 3rd The Mad Scientist


FINE ARTS - (15-18) Senior
Section A - Acrylic
Class 1 - Landscape 

Loreley Juarez 3rd Balcony
Rose Chandler 2nd cloudy beach
Stephanie Hernandez 1st lonely lake
Lisseth Rios Honorable Mention sunset


Class - 3  Portrait/People (15-18) Senior

Natalia Aspeitia 1st/ Best of Class carnival ride
Cindy Lara Honorable Mention pop star
Stephanie Hernandez 2nd youthful beauty
Katherine Hernande 3rd baby brother


Class 4 - Animal / Bird  (15-18) Senior

Diane Vargas 2nd butterfly
Josephine Gage 1st disco jellyfish 


Class 5 - Abstract/Original  (15-18) Senior

Jordan West Honorable Mention blue ribbon
Jose Lopez 3rd Dilemma
Istela Cardova Honorable Mention  apariencia
Mia Wilson Honorable Mention Prime Minority
Katherine Hernandez 1st / Best of Class The feeling of pity
Juan Ramirez 2nd Tones 


Class 6 - Fantasy /Comic  (15-18) Senior

Juan Mata 3rd dark night
Amin Jahnavi  2nd hair shield
Rose Chandler 1st / Best of Class moon reflection


Section B - Oil 
Class 4 - Animal / Bird (15-18) Senior

Elise Alcibar 1st jellifish

Section C - Watercolor 
Class 1 - Landscape (15-18) Senior

Aracely Cortez 1st China
Rebecca Martinez 2nd Self Time

Class 3 - Portrait/People (15-18) Senior

Katherine Hernandez 1st A Silent Cry
Yessinia Rangel 2nd Hot Pink
Saray DelaRosa 2nd Ashanti


Class 4 - Animal/Bird  (15-18) Senior

Luiz Olvera 1st Only two dogs

Section D - Drawing (graphite/pencil)
Class 1 - Landscape  (15-18) Senior

Alexander DeSantiago 3rd Colorado Springs
Luis Avilez 2nd rollercoaster tall
Nathanial Cates 1st sausage stand


Class 2 - Still Life   (15-18) Senior

Tanya Banda 2nd flower bouquet
Martin Camacho 1st La Diabla


Class 3 - Portrait/People  (15-18)  Senior

Silvia Sustaita 1st/ Best of Class a Mother's Tears
Vinisha Yeager 1st Accident
Jael Salazar Honorable Mention Family
Vinisha Yeager 2nd

Last Week

Jasmine Moon 3rd My Love
Kaylee Tran Honorable Mention Parcental Advisory
Yessinia Rangel Honorable Mention Player


Class 4 - Animal /Bird   (15-18) Senior

Jael Salazar 1st/ Best of Class/Sweepstakes El Firulais
Yiar Gonzalez 2nd Goat
Katherine Hernandez 3rd Mr.Sloath


Class 5 - Abstract/Original   (15-18) Senior

Destin Walters 2nd crack


Class 6 - Fantasy/Comic   (15-18) Senior

McKennah Wood 1st Me FR

Section E - Drawing (colored pencils) 
Class 1 - Landscape  (15-18) Senior

Ana Bonilla 3rd Fun Night
Ronnie Kunkel Honorable Mention Seasons
Alyssa Narvaez 2nd Swinging ride
Daniela Ruiz 1st taking a walk


Class 2 - Still Life  (15-18) Senior

Colson Payne 2nd red truck
Mariam Rojas 1st snack brake


Class 3 - Portrait/People (15-18) Senior

Allyssa Litimer 1st clown boy
Marie Hernandez 2nd Her


Class 4 - Animal/Bird  (15-18) Senior

Marion Fernandez 2nd Speedy
Chad Roach 3rd The Bird is the Word


Class 5 - Abstract/Original (15-18) Senior

Stephanie Hernandez 2nd Alone Tonight
Riley Scarbrough 1st / Best of Class Holiday Temptations


Class 6 - Fantasy/Comic  (15-18) Senior

Leslie Bernardino 3rd Fun at the Fair
James Nethercutt Honorable Mention Me To Be
Riley Scarbrough 1st/ Best of Class Icey Root
Emilia Marino 2nd Prize Winner

Section F - Pastel (oil or dry)
Class 4 - Animal/Bird  (15-18) Senior

Jennifer Martinez Honorable Mention coffee


Class 2 - Still Life (15-18) Senior

Natalie Finley 1st Migule's Magic Guitar

Class 3 - Portrait/People  (15-18) Senior


Natalie Finley 2nd A Passionate Cry


Class 4 - Animal/Bird (15-18) Senior


Trinity Neuman 1st Elk
Trinity Neuman 2nd Hound

Class 5 - Abstract/Original (15-18) Senior

Addison Dunavant 1st The Chamelcon Effect


Class 3 - Portrait/People

Hannah Bowles 1st Curse King
Hayden Tennison 2nd Mom
Vinisha Yeager 3rd Paul Atredies
Yessinia Rangel Honorable Mention Windy Day 

Class 4 - Animal/Bird (15-18) Senior 

Rafael Calderon 3rd butterfly
Makaila Knox 2nd into the jungle
Diego Ugalde 3rd Pumbina
Nequoia Wilson 1st/ Best of Class Still Country


Class 5 - Abstract/Original (15-18) Senior

Moises Perez Honorable Mention Food and Fun
Stephanie Hernandez 1st / Best of Class Her Heritage
Tisha Patel 3rd Sleepy Head
Hannah Bowles 2nd world

Class 6 - Fantasy/Comic  (15-18) Senior

Madison Thompson 3rd Fallen Feather
Madison Thompson 1st  Loona Undercover
McKennah Wood Honorable Mention Rock & Roll
Litzy Gonzalez 2nd Just Helping
McKennah Wood Honorable Mention abuse you

Section J - PEN & INK (color or black/white) 
Class 1 - Landscape (15-18) Senior

Taylor M. Lee Osbourne 1st Tree of Life


Class 2 - Still Life (15-18) Senior

Jahnavi Amin Honorable Mention Life

Class 3 - Portrait/People (15-18)  Senior

Cassandra Saavedra 2nd Vinglious

Class 4 - Animal/Bird (15-18) Senior

Selena Netro 3rd adventure
Trinity Neuman 1st Colorful Lon
Trinity Neuman 2nd Deer


Class 5 - Abstract/Original (15-18) Senior

Luis Ramirez 1st Chaos
Stephanie Soto 2nd Teletabbies


Class 6 - Fantasy/Comic  (15-18) Senior

Sam Chappell 3rd Batman 
Josue Vega 1st/ Best of Class Dominating Beast
Morgan S Lee Osbourne Honorable Mention Mirror
Kami Labutis 2nd School Prance


FINE ARTS - Adult 

Section A - Acrylic  (19 & up) 

Tammy Hernandez 2nd morning drink
Kaylina Burch 3rd night forest
Mary Jo Heavin 1st red sky
Mary Jo Heavin 2nd scary night
Tammy Hernandez 1st Tamaska (Mighty Wolf) 
Mary Jo Heavin Honorable Mention tree with face
Cheyenne Lee 2nd beauty where there is sorrow


Section C - Watercolor (19 & up)

Phyliss Burch Honorable Mention forest dream

Section D - Drawing (graphite/pencil) (19 & up) 

Kayla McMains 3rd my queen


Section E - Drawing (colored pencils) (19 & up)

Kayla McMains 2nd crimson red
Blanca Meeks 1st/Best of Class/Best of Show dangerous charm
Kayla McMains 2nd I am with you
Kayla McMains 3rd wet kiss


Section I - Mixed Medium and All Markers (19 & Up) 

Ethan Falagaipupu 2nd anger
Sophie Taag 1st Narutu & Saske Fighting
Eli R Berry 3rd The Mad Scientist


FINE ARTS - Intermediate (12-14) 

Section A - ACRYLIC
Class 1 - Landscape 

Ailiyen DeLaRosa 3rd dragons breath
Terrelle Beard 1st enchanted night
Jade Perez 3rd night fair
Aubrey Prater Honorable Mention ocean breeze
Maria Carreon Honorable Mention Sigue la Aurora
Pattrick Villegas Honorable Mention the sky see  
Krystina Ramirez 2nd moonlight


Class 2 - Still Life   (12-14)

Valerie Moss 1st cotton candy
Jaydy Martinez 2nd ferris wheel
Ashleen Martinez 3rd midnight


Class 3 - Portrait/People   (12-14)

Gavin Swafford Honorable Mention Elvis
Blanca Meeks 1st / Best of Class / Best of Show /Sweepstakes dangerous charm


Class 4 - Animal/Bird   (12-14)

Bralyn Moore Honorable Mention Daddy's Jeep
Olivia Hooks 2nd Leo
Bralyn Hooks 3rd Macie
Bralyn Hooks Honorable Mention Mom's flamingo
Ayden Priefert 1st/ Best of Class The Loud Longhorn
Trinity F Mitchell Honorable Mention Try


Class 5 - Abstract/Original   (12-14)

Joshua Sanchez 2nd 3 Days
Angelina Bonarrico 1st Abstract
Sophia Cuevas Honorable Mention CK Cobra
Juan Briseno Honorable Mention J
Kimberly Ramirez 3rd Meadow
Cassidy Brice Khosravi 3rd Swirl


Class 6 - Fantasy/Comic   (12-14) 

Droux M Day 1st The Krabby Patty Secret Formula
Clara L Morgan Honorable Mention The Mona Shreka
Alexis Herrara 3rd UP
Elaina Wright 2nd You're Never Fully Dressed without a Smile

Section B - OIL  
Class 1 - Landscape   (12-14)

Kaden Martin 2nd Stormy Sea

Class 4 - Animal/Bird   (12-14) 

Ayden Priefert 1st The watering hole


Section C - Watercolor
Class 2 - Still Life  (12-14) 

Lizeth Bello 1st Doorway

Class 3 - Portrait/People  (12-14) 

Dayanara Pulquero 3rd Yummy Cheeseburger


Class 4 - Animal/Bird   (12-14)

Audrey Cagle 1st/ Best of Class Cool Cat
Mia Jaime 2nd Rio


Class 5 - Abstract/Comic   (12-14) 

Ethan Murillo 1st The Rep Beyond
Samuel Yoder 2nd World of Futbol


Section D - DRAWING (graphite/pencil) 
Class 1 - Landscape   (12-14)

Carmen DeSantiago 2nd calm hay bale
Ana Gonzalez Honorable Mention lighthouse
Karen Mata 1st The Fair
Isabella Colley Honorable Mention The Golden Gate Bridge
Jaisvet Manrique 3rd The Shore


Class 2 - Still Life   (12-14)

Kristopher Suarez 1st Carz
Valeria Rameriz 2nd winter dress

Class 3 - Portrait/People   (12-14)

Angelina Bonarrico 1st/Best of Class Anime Eye
Sara Vanhoose 3rd falling
Alondra Cano-Castri 1st Majestic
Jiriah McNary 2nd savage girl
Kali Landers 3rd Savior 

Class 4 - Animal/Bird   (12-14)

Jali Caplinger Honorable Mention a work of art
Jose Leyra-Dorantes 1st El Caballito
Trinity Mitchell 3rd Feisty
Trinity Mitchell 3rd The Bird
Nickolas Rosewell 2nd The Ocelot
Adan Torres Honorable Mention The Rainforest

Class 5 - Abstract/Original   (12-14)

Terrelle Beard Honorable Mention Good vs Evil
Melany Morales 1st See No Evil, Speak No Evil
Keren Cuellar 3rd The God's Cross
Ailin Campos Honorable Mention The Life
Jesus Nava 2nd Two Faced


Class 6 - Fantasy/Comic   (12-14)

Joshua Saucedo 2nd Carnival Mashup
Josh A Lara Honorable Mention Charizard
Richard Saavedra 1st Cup Heads
Joshua D. Martin Honorable Mention Donatello

Section E - DRAWING (colored pencils) 
Class 1 - Landscape  (12-14)

Fatima Martinez 2nd


Class 2 - Still Life  (12-14) 

Ashleen Hockman 2nd Sunflower

Class 3 - Drawing (12-14)

Blanca Meeks   Dangerous Charm

Class 5 - Abstract/Original    (12-14) 

Kelly Castillo 1st death garden
Kimberly Ramirez 2nd Flower abstract 


Class 6 - Fantasy/Comic  (12-14) 

Christian Pina 3rd Knight vs Dragon
Rocio Camacho Mejia 1st Mushroom
Esmeralda Dorantes 2nd party 
Charli Kimball Honorable Mention pumpkin scarecrow

Section F - PASTEL (Oil or Dry) 
Class 1 - Landscape   (12-14)

John Rutledge Honorable mention the lonely wheelbarrow

Class 5 - Abstract/Original   (12-14)

Cassidy Brice Khosravi Honorable Mention flower patch


Class 1 -  Landscape   (12-14)

Kiara Mickens 1st Monster Fair
Jaime Molina 3rd The dark sea
Jennifer Meeks Honorable Mention water
Keira Holmes 1st youru tu Hiru

Class 2 - Still Life (12-14) 

Carlos Zapata 2nd Statik


Class 3 - Portrait / People (12-14) 

Gaven Guerrero Honorable Mention angel of death
Arianna Tagg 1st / Best of Class black widow
Kianna Mickens 2nd  fun day
Arianna Tagg 3rd You saved me

Blanca Meeks                     3rd                                           Fuerza y Dignidad

Class 4 - Animal/Bird (12-14) 

Elizabeth McKellar Honorable Mention  Betsy
Alondra Cano-Castri 1st / Best of Class Flash
Layla Raney 3rd the neon widow
Leslie Zavada 2nd  Under the Sea


Class 5 - Abstract/Original (12-14)

Zoe Butler 3rd 2020 The Year Without a Fair
Jiriah McNary 2nd Fun Fair Land
Mattie Merriman Honorable Mention It's So Fluffy
Khloe Dunn 1st/ Best of Class / Best of Show Optical Illusion
Ivete Ventura Honorable Mention Renaldo


Class 6 - Fantasy/Comic   (12-14)

Alexa Castaneda 1st / Best of Class Garfield and Friends go to the Fair
Paisley Bloomer 1st Guardians of the Galaxy
Aloani Laboy 2nd Life of Raps
Erick Regalado 3rd Psssst!


Section J
Class - 3  Portrait / People (12-14) 

Ariana Tagg 1st / Best of Class Vivid Imagination


Class 6 - Fantasy/Comic   (12-14) 

Nickolas Rosewell 1st

Shadow Action Pose


Section A   Acrylic    
Gary Perrone 1st/Best of Show gravel
Section B  Oil    
Patricia Browning 3rd sunlit violet
Section C Watercolor    
Denise Westerberg 2nd I'd rather be in Rome
Section D  Drawing (graphite/pencil)    
Denise Westerberg 2nd Touring man
Denise Westerberg 1st/ Best of Class Zoey girl 
Section J - Pen & Ink     
Denise Westerberg 1st Moonlight song


Section A - COLOR
Class - 1 - Animals - Youth (11 and under)

Piper Martin Honorable Mention Picture Perfect Pup
Elijah Spitzer 3rd White Rabbit in Grass
Lorelei Spitzer 1st Bunny Playing in Leaves
Rayne Pitts 2nd Paint Heifer
River Pitts Honorable Mention Dark Red Heifer

Class 3 - Landscape/Waterscape - Youth (11 and under)

  3rd Playing Bears
Anabella Talsma 2nd Landscape
Lily Henry 1st Chapel by Lake


Class 4 - Portrait/People - Youth (11 and under) 

Avaclaire Hageman 2nd Yoga Frog
Nathanael Spitzer 1st Head shot of Addy


Class 5 - Flowers - Youth (11 and under) 

Holland Hagemon 2nd Rose in the Rain
Addie Jo Setina 1st  Vinca Flower


Class 7 - Nature/Weather - Youth (11 and under) 

Anabella Talsma 2nd Jelly Fish
Lily Henry 3rd Into the Woods
Holland Hageman 1st Alien Eggs

Class 10 - Architecture/City Scape - Youth (11 and under) 

Lily Henry 2nd City Skyline
Rayne Pitts 1st Ark

Class 11 - Rural Life - Youth (11 and under) 

Shelby House 2nd Old Barn, Church
Anabella Talsma 1st Barn,Windmill

Class 13 -  Still Life - Youth (11 and under) 

Piper Martin 2nd Don't forget the little guy
Autumn O'Bier 3rd Chalk Art
River PItts 1st Crayola

Class 14 - Sunrise/Sunset - Youth (11 and under) 

Coley Wilson 1st Sunset over Cypress Springs
Lily Henry 3rd Morning Sunrise
Addie Jo Setina 2nd Sunset  in the Pines


Section B - Black and White
Class 3 - Landscape/Waterscape - Youth (11 and under) 

Avaclaire Hageman 1st The Rainy Day


Class 8 - Sports/Action - Youth (11 and under) 

Holland Hageman 1st/Best of Show/Sweepstakes Skating my life away


Section A - COLOR
Class 1 - Animals - Junior (12-18)

Kaylee Bohlken 1st Afternoon Sunbathing
Ellison Dimaggio Honorable Mention Slurp
Miriam Rose Simmons 2nd Portuguse Man o War
Harley Martin 3rd Let's Go Jelly Fishing
Merry Robertson Honorable Mention Black Cat


Class 2 - Children - Junior (12-18) 

Emma Berry Honorable Mention Cowgirl
Soraya Solis 3rd Tinky
Dylan Olvera 1st Childhood Joy
Kaylina Burch 2nd Spring Time
Madison Craig Honorable Mention Sea of Scrunchies


Class 3 - Landscape/Waterscape - Junior (12-18)

Daniela Baeza 2nd Ancient Ruins
Hannah Rhea 3rd Serenity
Sydney Cox 1st Bluer than Blue


Class 4 - Portrait/People - Junior(12-18)

Livi Buchanan 2nd Beach Beas
Soraya Solis 3rd Smiling & Grinding
Miriam Rose Simmons 1st  Follow Me


Class 5 - Flowers - Junior (12-18) 

Hannah Whitaker Honorable Mention Pretty in Pink
Daniela Baeza 1st Purple Flower
Miriam Rose Simmons Honorable Mention Forsy thia
Harmony Guest 2nd Redbud in Early Spring
Skya Setina Honorable Mention Sun Kissed Pink flower


Class 6 - Birds - Junior (12-18) 

Marissa Williams 1st Baby Cadiard Viren


Class 7 - Nature/Weather - Junior (12-18)

Bethani Nichols 3rd Palo Duro Canyon
Hannah Rhea Honorable Mention Secret Spot
Shelby House 2nd Rainy Day at the Beach
Miriam Rose Simmons 1st Sea Foam
Merry Robertson Honorable Mention Fish in Habitat


Class 8 - Sports/Action - Junior (12-18)

Aubree Norfleet 3rd Volleyball
Judah Byars 1st Bestie @ Bat
Emma Berry 2nd Batter Up


Class 9 - Special Effects/Effects - Junior (12-18) 

Katherine Shrader 2nd Lui Na Greine
Kaylee Bohlken 3rd Everything a Dream
Miriam Rose Simmons 1st Ring Couple


Class 10 - Architecture/ City Scape - Junior (12-18) 

Miriam Rose Simmons 3rd Alamo Fountain
Olivia Hooks 2nd Celebration Castle
Julia Griffin Honorable Mention View from Queens
Macy Sherrill 1st Ghost Town Bathroom


Class 11 - Rural Life - Junior (12-18)

Kaherine Shrader 1st The Farm


Class 12 - Travel - Junior (12-18)

Daniela Baeza 1st Mexican Culture
Abbie Harbour 3rd You're My Sunshine
Hannah Rhea Honorable Mention The Overlook
Katherine Shrader 2nd Garden of Eden


Class 13 - Still Life - Junior (12-18) 

Miriam Rose Simmons 2nd  Bottles @ Rocket Figg
Marissa Williams 3rd Vintage Camera
Macy Sherrill 1st Water Droplet on left


Class 14 - Sunrise/Sunset - Junior (12-18)

Shelby House Honorable Mention Dolphin Cruise
Miriam Rose Simmons 1st Sunrise @ the Beach
Savannah Mullins 2nd Sunset
Ava Bliss 3rd Catching the Sun


Class 15 - Events - Junior (12-18)

Bailey Manning 2nd "HUH?"
Cindy Lara 3rd Freedom
Rose Chandler 1st Moody Gardens Trip


Section B - BLACK & WHITE
Class 1 - Animals - Junior (12-18)

Leah Schmitt 2nd Listen Up
Dylan Olvera 3rd Curious Cow
Ava Bliss 1st/Best of Show A Wise Soul

Class 3 - Landscape/Waterscape - Junior (12-18)

Hannah Rhea 2nd Nothing But a Ripple
Briza Gonzalez 1st Post Aransas


Class 4 - Portrait/People - Junior (12-18)

Savanna Cardenas 3rd Sisters


Class 7 - Nature/Weather - Junior (12-18)

Hannah Rhea 1st Timbrrr


Class 8 - Sports/Action - Junior (12-18)

Harley Martin 1st

Friday Night Lights


Class 10 - Architecture/City Scape - Junior (12-18)

Dylan Olvera 1st Zilker


Class 11 - Rural Life - Junior (12-18)

Ava Bliss 1st Waiting for the rain


Class 12 - Travel - Junior (12-18)

Ava Bliss 1st Forgotten Glory

Class 15 - Events - Junior (12-18)

Harley Martin 1st Pep It Up!


Section A - COLOR
Class 1 - Animals - Adult

Carrie Henry Honorable Mention Baby Raccoon
Lisa Simmons 2nd Snake
Jill Wilson 3rd Hissing Car
April O'Rand Honorable Mention Anxious Thoughts
Susan Jones 1st Sisters Dog in Truck

Class 2 - Children - Adult

Maranda Martin Honorable Mention Fajoy the little things
Yesenia Jaimes 1st Encanto
Elizabeth Spitzer 2nd Addy and Pumpkins
Courtney Pitts 3rd Rainbow Smiles


Class 3 - Landscape/Waterscape - Adult

Crystal Chandler 1st Reflections in Rockwall
Susan Jones 3rd Morning on the Lake
Ace Hulsey 2nd Landscape


Class 4 - Portrait/People - Adult

Maranda Martin 2nd Sisters by chance , Friends by choice
Lisa Simmons 3rd 80's Vibe
Mollie Simmons 1st M @ the Beach
Barbara Belcher Honorable Mention Country Sweetheart


Class 5 - Flowers - Adult

Angela Coffey 3rd Purple Hibiscus
April O'Rand Honorable Mention Brite as Day
Teri Potts Honorable Mention Flower - Lily Beette
Kayla McMains 1st Sunflower
Ace Hulsey 2nd Flowers


Class 6 - Birds - Adult

Angela Coffey 1st Red Bellied Wood Pecker
Leslie Brosnan 2nd Me & My Peeps
Susan Jones 3rd Crane - Waiting on supper


Class 7 - Nature/Weather - Adult

Jill Wilson 3rd Bee/Flower
Evelyn Castillo 1st Lensball
Susan Jones Honorable Mention Rainbow Over Barn
Elizabeth Spitzer 2nd Mushrooms


Class 9 - Special Effects/Editing - Adult

Evelynn Castillo 1st Heart Shaped Rock
Kayla McMains 2nd Fawn

Class 10 - Architecture/City Scape - Adult

Lisa Simmons 1st Bell Tower
Ace Hulsey 2nd Architecture


Class 11 - Rural Life - Adult

Crystal Chandler 2nd Stink Bug?
Carrie Henry 3rd Ghost Ranch
Leslie Brosnan 1st Dinner Time
April O'Rand Honorable Mention Into the Light
Elizabeth Spitzer 3rd Chicken Coop


Class 12 - Travel - Adult

Barbara Belcher 2nd Zion National Park
Jennifer Hageman 3rd Galveston - The Stand
Ace Hulsey 1st Pilgrim Forge


Class 13 - Still Life - Adult

Lisa Simmons 2nd 7
Teri Potts 3rd Light Rays  
Evelyn Castillo 1st Love to Read


Class 14 - Sunrise/Sunset - Adult

Susan James 1st Sunset on the Lake
Barbara Jones 3rd Poolside Sunset
Ace Hulsey 2nd Sunset/ Sunrise

Class 15 - Events - Adult

Evelynn Castillo 2nd Carousel Suring
Ace Hulsey 1st 4th of July


Class 1 - Animals - Adult

Carrie Henry 1st /Best of Show/ Sweepstakes Dog Days
Leslie Brosnan 2nd I Am Coco
Suzan Colvin 3rd Pensive Ranger

Class 2 - Children - Adult

Maranda Martin 2nd Dog Days of Summer
Suzan Colvin 1st Splash Pad Eva

Class 4 - Portrait/People - Adult

Maranda Martin 2nd Girls just want to have fun!
Mollie Simmons 3rd Beach Miriam
Ace Hulsey 1st Portrait/People


Class 5 - Flowers - Adult

Lisa Simmons 2nd Nut
Kayla McMains 1st Sunflowers


Class 6 - Birds - Adult

Kayla McMains 1st Bird in Tree


Class 8 - Sports/Action - Adult

Maranda Martin 1st Tigers in the Making

Class 9 - Special Effects/Editing  - Adult

Lisa Simmons 1st Yellow

Class 10 - Architecture/ City Scape - Adult

Lisa Simmons 1st Chapel

Class 11 - Rural Life - Adult

Leslie Brosnan 1st Dog Days of Summer
Adam Martin 2nd No Wind, No Water

Class 13 - Still Life - Adult 

Jill Wilson 3rd Junkyard
April O'Rand 3rd Ropes and Dreams
Teri Potts 2nd Yolks
Adam Martin 1st Before the West was Won

Class 15 - Events - Adult

Kayla McMains 1st Petting Zoo


Section A - COLOR
Class 1 - Animals - Pro

Salina Pack 2nd Donkeys
Christy Parker 1st / Best of Show/ Sweepstakes Mr Happy's Portrait
Richard Chandler 3rd Jelly fish


Class 2 - Children - Pro

Salina Pack 1st Hope & Fun

Class 3 - Landscape/Waterscape - Pro

Christy Parker 1st Colorful Waters

Class 4 - Portrait/People - Pro

Salina Pack  1st Regan Brook

Class 5 - Flowers - Pro

Christy Parker 1st Feel the Passion

Class 6 - Birds - Pro

Christy Parker 1st Floating

Class  7 - Nature/Weather - Pro

Christy Parker 1st Buzzing Flower

Class 9 - Special Effects/ Editing - Pro

Christy Parker 1st Frosty

Class 11 - Rural Life - Pro

Salina Pack 1st My Girls

Class 12 - Travel - Pro

Christy Parker 1st Look Up & Wonder

Class 13 - Still Life - Pro

Salina Pack 1st My Bouquet

Class 14 - Sunrise/Sunset - Pro

Salina Pack 1st Sunset
Richard Chandler 2nd Lighthouse Sunset 

Class 15 - Events - Pro

Salina Pack 1st Wedding Congrats

Class 1 - Animals - Pro

Salina Pack 1st Binx our cat

Class 4 - Portrait/People - Pro

Salina Pack 2nd Regan

$1000 Best Overall Taco - NWTF of Titus County
$500 People's Choice - Fat Cats Tacos
$250 Most Creative - 5B Burger Company


Floral Design Competition - 2022
Grand Champion - Emma Sellers - Mt. Pleasant High School
Reserve Champion - Joe Collier - Rivercrest High School 

Bake Show 
Section A - Pies  - Adult

Best of Show - $100 - Adult - Gina Halle - peach blueberry pie
Best of Class - $50 - Adult - Maria Cates - best choc merinque pie
1st - Chrisann Adams - Coconut pie
2nd - Alexia Ticer - Caramel Apple pie
2nd - Tammy Hernandez - Uncle Gary's Apple pie
2nd - Cheyenne Lee - Mini apple lattice pies 
Section B - Cookies - Adult
1st - Dareyl Crockett - 36+hour choc chip toffee cookies
1st - Lauren Cook Kennedy - Choc chip cookies
1st - Tammy Hernandez - coconut macaroons
2nd - Lisa Simmons - ultimate choc chip cookie
2nd - Alexia Ticer - cranberry thumb print cookies
3rd - Kimberly Schletewitz - Brookie Brownie Cookie
Section C - Candy - Adult
3rd - Tammy Hernandez - ginger bread fudge
Section D - Cakes - Adult
1st - Chrisann Adams - Carrot cake
2nd - Brittany Wood - coconut cream cake
3rd - Tammy Hernandez - Lemon lovers pound cake 
3rd - Jeannette McDermott - Apple cinnamon cake w/cream cheese icing
1st - Tammy Hernandez - Honne's homemade  bread
2nd - Tammy Hernandez - Bob's polish apple cake
Section E - Breads - Adult
1st - Tammy Hernandez - pumpernickel bread
3rd - Tammy Hernandez - Honnie's homemade cinnamon rolls
3rd - Tina Freeman - cantaloupe bread
3rd - Kitty O'Rand - zucchini bread
Section F - Cupcakes - Adult
3rd - Tammy Hernandez - giant snowball cupcakes
Section G - Miscellaneous - Adults
1st - Cheyenne Lee - Choc Turtle apple slices
1st - Emily Barnett - Apple Crisp

Section A -   Pies - Junior
1st - Kaylee Brooks - peach strawberry pie
2nd - Anastasia/Sophia - lemon meringue pie
1st - Jenna Mizell - clssic pecan pie
1st - Kale Turner - buttermilk pie
1st - Konner Talley - brownie pie
1st - Jetzibette Saucedo - sopapilla cheesecake  empanada
Section B - Cookies - Junior
1st - Malley Mancias - Double choc caramel cookies
2nd - Karlee Rodgers - choc chip cookies
2nd - Nequoia Wilson - caramel apple harvest bars
1st - Josephine Gage - orange creamside cookies
Section D - Cakes - Junior
1st - Priscilla Brooks - Texas Sheet Cake
2nd - Emalee Carbajal - fun fettic layer cake
1st - Aaron Coyote - strawberry banana party cake
1st - Ansel Davis - too much choc cake
Section E - Bread - Junior
2nd - Alejandra Perez - pan de platano
1st - Miriam Simmons - great grandma banana bread
1st - Addison Poynter - after school banana bread w/choc chips
2nd - Litzy Banda - Choc chip banana muffins
1st - Cecilia Perez - pumpkin cream cheese muffin
Best of Show - Miriam Simmons - soft pretzels
Section F - Cupcakes - Junior
2nd - Katherine Hernandez - ferrero rocher cupcake
1st - Peyton Love - smores cupcake/marshmellow 
3rd - Micah McNeil - choc cupcake/marshmellow icing
2nd - Hannah Gopffarth - chai cupcake
2nd - Jayce Eubanks - pumpkin cupcake w/cinnamon icing
1st - Mario Martinex - ultimate snickers cupcakes
Best of Class - Xiomara Solis - frapuccino cupcakes

Section A - Pie - Youth
1st - Sebastian Cates - grandmother's coconut pie
2nd - Case Rodgers - Berry Crisp
Section B - Cookies - Youth
Best of Class - Benjamin Brooks - pumpkin choc chip cookies
2nd - Case Rodgers - Touchdown brownie
1st - Melanie Stansell - sugar cookies
Section D - Cakes - Youth
Best of Show - Nathan Sandefer - Texas sheet cake
Section E - Bread - Youth
1st - Hendrick Talsma - homemade French bread
2nd - Aurora Talsma - novelty pork n bean bread
Section F - Cupcakes - Youth
1st - Melanie Stansell - red velvet cookies