Creative Arts

Creative Arts   2024


Entry Labels




1.  All Titus County residents, current students of NTCC (must show current ID), members of a Titus County art, photography or horticulture club, or residents of adjoining counties -  Morris, Camp, Franklin or Red River are eligible to enter items in both Creative and Fine Arts divisions.  One free ticket to the fair will be given to each individual entering one or more items in either Creative or Fine Arts.


3. All persons entering articles must check in their entries personally, or have a representative check in their entries.  Photography entries will check-in on Sunday, September 22nd from 1:30 - 5:30 in main hall of the Civic Center.  Creative Arts entries will check-in Monday, September 23rd, between 12:00 noon and 6:00 p.m. NO LATE ENTRIES ACCEPTED! All entries must remain in place until 2 p.m. on Sunday. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE PICKED UP BETWEEN 2:00 and 3:00 p.m. ON SUNDAY, September 29th  No exceptions!! 
A photo of Sweepstakes winners will be taken on Sunday in the main entry way of Civic Center, if you have not already had your photo taken.  

4.All Entries (articles and photographs) must be entered in name of makers.

5. All clothing items must be hung on plastic hangers and individually covered with a plastic bag (dry cleaner type).

6. AN EXHIBITOR WILL BE PERMITTED TO ENTER NO MORE THAN TWO ENTRIES IN EACH **SUB-CLASS:  (Ex: Class 1 - Needlepoint - Original Work. You may enter two items "12 X 12 or smaller", two items "12 x 12 or larger" and two entries "miscellaneous items/shapes".)  
**EXCEPTION: Horticulture,& Food Preservation divisions are limited to one  (1) entry per class/variety.  Photography division you may enter only one (1) entry per class and a total of ten (10) photographs per person

7. Each item entered must have a COMPLETED label(s) attached or ready to attach, BEFORE THE ITEM CAN BE CHECKED IN.  Fair workers and officials will not be permitted to complete labels. Use the fair labels in the back of fair catalog or from website.  Labels are viewable by public. (There will be additional labels available at registration.)  

Creative Arts Labels

Food Preservation Labels

Horticulture Labels

Fine Arts Labels

Photography Labels

Age Divisions: (colors are for fair use only)
Youth - 11 & under (green)
Junior - 12 through 18 (yellow)
All Stars - Special Needs (stars)
Adult - 19 years of age and older (orange)
Senior Citizen - 65 years of age or older (blue)
          Quilts (Section H) - Senior I - ages 65 to 75 years of age
                                         Senior II - ages 75 and older
Professional - those engaged in the business or craft, or who sell, or have taught or are teaching classes (for pay) for which the item(s) is being entered (red)

8. Soiled items will NOT be accepted.

9. Every article will be under the control of the superintendent and every possible care will be taken to prevent damage, but in no case will the Titus County Fair Association or any Fair Official be responsible for any damage or loss that may occur.

10. All awards will be made on the basis of merit. If, in the opinion of the judges, no item in a class deserves first place, placing will be made by the judges.

11. The Creative Arts areas will be locked on Tuesday and Wednesday, for judging and ribbon placing.

12. All hanging items must BE READY FOR HANGING AND MUST BE ABLE TO SUPPORT THEIR OWN WEIGHT!  TAPE, STRING, COKE-TABS, HOT GLUE HANGERS - NONE OF THESE ARE ACCEPTABLE. Saw-tooth hangers will have to have wire added to hang, as the hooks that are used are too large to use with these types of hangers. IF ENTRIES ARE SUBMITTED WITH UNACCEPTABLE HANGERS OR NO HANGERS THEY WILL BE DECLINED. It is the responsibility of the person bringing the entry to ensure that their entry has an acceptable way to hang that item.

13.  We reserve the right to refuse entry of any item considered inappropriate by the Superintendent, Chairmen or Directors of any division.

14. Items entered in Miscellaneous will be reviewed after registration for judging purposes.

15. No monetary awards given - Ribbons Only

White Ribbon - 3rd place - judged on merit
Red Ribbon - 2nd place - judged on merit
Blue Ribbon - 1st place - judged on merit
"Best of Class" Rosette (blue) - after judging for ribbon placing is completed the 1st place winners in each age division are judged and one "Best of Class" Rosette is awarded in each class at the judge's discretion.
"Best of Show" Rosette (purple) For each age division, from the Best of Class Rosette Winners, ONE BEST OF SHOW ROSETTE is awarded in EACH SECTION at JUDGE'S DISCRETION.

 "Sweepstakes Awards" - Given at discretion of judges.


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Needlework, Section A                  Handwork, Section B                         Clothing, Section C

Holiday Corner, Section D             Crocheting, Section E                        Knitting, Section F

Baby Items, Section G                   Quilts, Section H                               Crafts, Section I

Designer Craftsmen, Section J



Needlework Section A

Susan Jones, Chairman

[Determine size by actual size of piece rather than frame size]

Refer to Creative Arts General Rules

Class 1 – Needlepoint - Original Work (your own design and color)
     a.  Item 12x12 or smaller (entry code: CA-A01a)
     b.  Item larger than 12x12 (entry code: CA-A01b)
     c.  Miscellaneous items/shapes  (entry code:  CA-A01c)
Class 2 - Needlepoint - Kit (includes yarn, canvas & instructions)
     a.  Item 12x12 or smaller (entry code: CA-A02a)
     b.  Item larger than 12x12 (entry code: CA-A02b)
     c.  Miscellaneous items/shapes  (entry code:  CA-A02c)

Class 3 - Crewel - Original work
     a.  Item 12x12 or smaller (entry code: CA-A03a)
     b.  Item larger than 12x12 (entry code: CA-A03b)
     c.  Miscellaneous items/shapes  (entry code:  CA-A03c)

Class 4 - Crewel - Kit
     a.  Item 12x12 or smaller (entry code: CA-A04a)
     b.  Item larger than 12x12 (entry code: CA-A04b)
     c.  Miscellaneous items/shapes  (entry code:  CA-A04c)

Class 5 - Embroidery
     a.  Item 12x12 or smaller (entry code: CA-A05a)
     b.  Item larger than 12x12 (entry code: CA-A05b)
     c.  Miscellaneous items/shapes  (entry code:  CA-A05c)

Class 6 - Cross-Stitch - Original Work
     a.  Item 12x12 or smaller (entry code: CA-A06a)
     b.  Item larger than 12x12 (entry code: CA-A06b)
     c.  Miscellaneous items/shapes  (entry code:  CA-A06c)

Class 7 - Cross-Stitch - Kit
     a.  Item 12x12 or smaller (entry code: CA-A07a)
     b.  Item larger than 12x12 (entry code: CA-A07b)
     c.  Miscellaneous items/shapes  (entry code:  CA-A07c)

Class 8 - Applique
     a.  Item 12x12 or smaller (entry code: CA-A08a)
     b.  Item larger than 12x12 (entry code: CA-A08b)
     c.  Miscellaneous items/shapes  (entry code:  CA-A08c)

Class 9 - Miscellaneous Needlework (Machine Sewn, Smocking, Plastic Canvas, etc.)  
     a.  Item 12x12 or smaller (entry code: CA-A09a)
     b.  Item larger than 12x12 (entry code: CA-A09b)
     c.  Miscellaneous items/shapes  (entry code:  CA-A09c)

Handwork Section B
Susan Jones, Chairman

[Determine size by actual size of piece rather than frame size]

Class 1 - Liquid Embroidery
     a.  Item 12x12 or smaller (entry code: CA-B01a)
     b.  Item larger than 12x12 (entry code: CA-B01b)
     c.  Miscellaneous items/shapes  (entry code:  CA-B01c)

Class 2 – Tatting     
     a.  Item 12x12 or smaller (entry code: CA-B02
     b.  Item larger than 12x12 (entry code: CA-B02b)
     c.  Miscellaneous items/shapes  (entry code:  CA-B02c)

Class 3 – Miscellaneous Handwork (Macrame, etc.)     
     a.  Item 12x12 or smaller (entry code: CA-B03a)
     b.  Item larger than 12x12 (entry code: CA-B03b)
     c.  Miscellaneous items/shapes  (entry code:  CA-B03c)

Clothing Section C

Susan Jones, Chairman

Refer to Creative Arts General Rules


Class 1 – Infant Wear - Up to Age 2
      a.  Playwear (entry code: CA-C01a)
      b.  Dress Wear (entry code:  CA-C01b)
      c.  Sleepwear (entry code:  CA-C01c)
      d.  Miscellaneous Infant Wear  (entry code:  CA-C01d)

Class 2 - Children's Clothing - 2 to 17 years
     a.  Playwear  (entry code: CA-C02a)
     b.  Dress Wear  (entry code: CA-C02b)
     c.  Sleepwear  (entry code: CA-C02c)
     d.  School Wear  (entry code: CA-C02d)
     e.  Western Wear  (entry code: CA-C02e)
     f.   Coat/Jacket/Vest  (entry code: CA-C02f)
     g.  Costume (entry code: CA-C02g)
     h.  Miscellaneous Children's Items  (entry code: CA-C02h)

Class 3 – Adult Clothing

     a.  Casual Wear  (entry code: CA-C03a)
     b.  Special Occasion – formal, bridal, etc. (entry code: CA-C03b)
     c.  Shirt/Blouse  (entry code: CA-C03c)
     d.  Pants/Shorts  (entry code: CA-C03d)
     e.  Dress/Skirt  (entry code:  CA-C03e)
     f.   Sleepwear  (entry code: CA-C03f)
     g.  Western Wear  (entry code: CA-C03g)
     h.  Coat/Jacket/Vest  (entry code: CA-C03h)
     i.   Costume  (entry code: CA-C03i)
     j.   Miscellaneous Adult Items  (entry code: CA-C03j)

Holiday Corner Section D
Faye Dawson, Chairman 

Refer to Creative Arts General Rules

Class 1 - Christmas
     a.  Ornaments  (entry code: CA-D01a)   
     b.  Tree Skirt  (entry code: CA-D01b)
     c.  Stocking  (entry code:  CA-D01c)
     d.  Nativity Scene  (entry code:  CA-D01d)
     e.  Candle Holder  (entry code: CA-D01e)
     f.   Christmas Card  (entry code: CA-D01f)
     g.  Table Runner  (entry code: CA-D01g)
     h.  Door/Wall Decoration  (entry code: CA-D01h)
      i.  Miscellaneous Items  (entry code:  CA-D01i)

Class 2 - Halloween Decorations  (entry code: CA-D02)

Class 3 - Holiday Wreaths 
     a.  Christmas  (entry code:  CA-D03a)
     b.  Other Holidays  (entry code:  CA-D03b)

Class 4 - Miscellaneous Holiday  (entry code: CA-D04)


Crocheting Section E
Carrie Jones, Chairman         

Refer to Creative Arts General Rules

Class 1 -  Crochet, Original 

     a.  Afghan  (entry code:  CA-E01a)
     b.  Hats/Scarfs  (entry code:  CA-E01b)
     c,  Sweaters/Jackets  (entry code:  CA-E01c)
     d.  Miscellaneous Items  (entry code:  CA-E01d)     

Class 2 – Crochet, Kit - includes yarn & instructions (entry code: CA-E02)


Knitting Section F
Carrie Jones, Chairman

Refer to Creative Arts General Rules 

Class 1 -  Knitting, Original (entry code: CA-F01)

Class 2 – Knitting, Kit - includes yarn & instructions (entry code: CA-F02


Baby Items Section G
Carrie Jones, Chairman

Refer to Creative Arts General Rules

Class 1 - Comforters - Original
     a.  Applique (entry code: CA-G01a)
     b.  Embroidery Thread (entry code: CA-G01b)
     c.  Cross Stitch (entry code: CA-G01c)
     d.  Pieced (entry code: CA-G01d)

Class 2 - Comforters - Kit
     a.  Applique (entry code: CA-G02a)
     b.  Embroidery Thread (entry code: CA-G02b)
     c.  Cross Stitch (entry code: CA-G02c)
     d.  Pieced (entry code: CA-G02d)

Class 3 – Blankets - Original
     a.  Crocheted  (entry code: CA-G03a)
     b.  Knitted (entry code: CA-G03b)
     c.  Fleece (entry code: CA-G03c)

Class 4 – Blankets - Kit
     a.  Crocheted  (entry code: CA-G04a)
     b.  Knitted (entry code: CA-G04b)
     c.  Fleece (entry code: CA-G04c)

Class 5 – Baby Quilt - Original
     a.  Applique (entry code: CA-G05a)
     b.  Embroidery Thread (entry code: CA-G05b)
     c.  Cross Stitch (entry code: CA-G05c)
     d.  Pieced (entry code: CA-G05d)
     e.  Panel Quilted (entry code: CA-G05e)
      f.  Machine Made (entry code: CA-G05f)
      g,  Pre-printed (entry code: :CA-G05g)

Class 6 – Baby Quilt – Kit
     a.  Applique (entry code: CA-G06a)
     b.  Embroidery Thread (entry code: CA-G06b)
     c.  Cross Stitch (entry code: CA-G06c)
     d.  Pieced (entry code: CA-G06d) 
     e.  Panel Quilted (entry code: CA-G06e)
     f.   Machine Made (entry code: CA-G06f)

Class 7 – Baby Afghan – Original
     a.  Crocheted  (entry code: CA-G07a)
     b.  Knitted (entry code: CA-G07b) 

Class 8 – Baby Afghan – Kit
     a.  Crocheted  (entry code: CA-G08a)
     b.  Knitted (entry code: CA-G08b)

Class 9 – Miscellaneous Comforters/Blankets/Quilts (entry code:  CA-G09)

Class 10 –  Ensemble – Original
     a.  Crocheted  (entry code: CA-G10a)
     b.  Knitted (entry code: CA-G10b)

Class 11 –  Ensemble – Kit
     a.  Crocheted  (entry code: CA-G11a)
     b.  Knitted (entry code: CA-G11b)

Class 12 - Miscellaneous Baby Items  (entry code:  CA-G12) 
(Wall hangings, Centerpiece, Burp Rag, Diaper, etc.)


Quilts Section H
Reba Dehls, Chairman

Refer to Creative Arts General Rules


This section is divided into two categories: 
1) Those completed by only one person
2) Those with the work of more than one person
Please note this on your label.  Make sure quilts are clean with all markings removed (this does affect the judging)

NEW THIS YEAR:   SENIOR I -  65 to 75 years of age
                                 SENIOR II - 75 years and older

Class 1 - Hand Quilted – Original
     a.  Applique (entry code: CA-H01a)
     b.  Embroidery Liquid (entry code: CA-H01b)
     c.  Embroidery Thread (entry code: CA-H01c)
     d.  Cross Stitch (entry code:  CA-H01d)
     e.  Pieced (entry code: CA-H01e)
     f.  Pre-printed Fabric (entry code: CA-H01f) 

Class 2 - Hand Quilted – Kit or Pre-printed Fabric
     a.  Applique (entry code: CA-H02a)
     b.  Embroidery Liquid (entry code: CA-H02b)
     c.  Embroidery Thread (entry code: CA-H02c)
     d.  Cross Stitch (entry code:  CA-H02d)
     e.  Pieced (entry code: CA-H02e)
     f.  Pre-printed Fabric (entry code: CA-H02f)

Class 3 – Machine Quilted – Original
     a.  Applique (entry code: CA-H03a)
     b.  Embroidery Liquid (entry code: CA-H03b)
     c.  Embroidery Thread (entry code: CA-H03c)
     d.  Cross Stitch (entry code:  CA-H03d)
     e.  Pieced (entry code: CA-H03e)
     f.  Pre-printed Fabric (entry code: CA-H03f)

Class 4 – Machine Quilted – Kit or Pre-printed Fabric
     a.  Applique (entry code: CA-H04a)
     b.  Embroidery Liquid (entry code: CA-H04b)
     c.  Embroidery Thread (entry code: CA-H04c)
     d.  Cross Stitch (entry code:  CA-H04d)
     e.  Pieced (entry code: CA-H04e)
     f.  Pre-printed Fabric (entry code: CA-H04f) 

Class 5 – Mixed Hand Stitching Quilt – Original (quilts with different types of stitching)  
     a.  Applique (entry code: CA-H05a)
     b.  Embroidery Liquid (entry code: CA-H05b)
     c.  Embroidery Thread (entry code: CA-H05c)
     d.  Cross Stitch (entry code:  CA-H05d)
     e.  Pieced (entry code: CA-H05e)
     f.   Pre-printed Fabric (entry code: CA-H05f) 

Class 6 – Mixed Hand Stitching Quilt – Kit or Pre-printed Fabric
     a.  Applique (entry code: CA-H06a)
     b.  Embroidery Liquid (entry code: CA-H06b)
     c.  Embroidery Thread (entry code: CA-H06c)
     d.  Cross Stitch (entry code:  CA-H06d)
     e.  Pieced (entry code: CA-H06e)
     f.  Pre-printed Fabric (entry code: CA-H06f)

Class 7 - Comforters - Original- Hand Quilted
     a.  Applique (entry code: CA-H07a)
     b.  Embroidery Liquid (entry code: CA-H07b)
     c.  Embroidery Thread (entry code: CA-H07c) 
     d.  Cross Stitch (entry code:  CA-H07d)
     e.  Pieced (entry code: CA-H07e)
     f.  Pre-printed Fabric (entry code: CA-H07f)
     g.  Yo-yo (entry code: CA-H07g)
     h.  Folded (entry code:  CA-H07h)

Class 8 - Comforters - Kit - Hand Quilted
     a.  Applique (entry code: CA-H08a)
     b.  Embroidery Liquid (entry code: CA-H08b)
     c.  Embroidery Thread (entry code: CA-H08c)
     d.  Cross Stitch (entry code:  CA-H08d)
     e.  Pieced (entry code: CA-H08e)
     f.  Pre-printed Fabric (entry code: CA-H08f)
     g.  Yo-yo (entry code: CA-H08g)
     h.  Folded (entry code: CA-H08h)

Class 9 - Comforters - Original - Machine Quilted
    a.  Applique (entry code: CA-H09a)
    b.  Embroidery Liquid (entry code: CA-H09b)
    c.  Embroidery Thread (entry code: CA-H09c)
    d.  Cross Stitch (entry code:   CA-H09d)
    e.  Pieced (entry code:  CA-H09e)
    f.  Pre-printed Fabric (entry code: CA-H09f)
    g.  Yo-yo (entry code: CA-H09g)
    h.  Folded (entry code: CA-H09h)

Class 10 - Comforters - Kit - Machine Quilted
    a.  Applique (entry code: CA-H10a)
    b.  Embroidery Liquid (entry code: CA-H10b)
    c.  Embroidery Thread (entry code: CA-H10c)
    d.  Cross Stitch  (entry code: CA-H10d)
    e.  Pieced (entry code: CA-H10e)
    f.   Pre-printed Fabric (entry code: CA-H10f)
    g.  Yo-yo (entry code: CA-H10g)
    h.  Folded (entry code: CA-H10h)

Class 11 – Miscellaneous Hand Quilted Items   (entry code:  CA-H11)

 (Pillow, Wall Hangings, Table Cloth, Table Runner, etc.)

Class 12 - Miscellaneous Machine Quilted Items  (entry code: CA-H12)

 (Pillow, Wall Hangings, Table Cloth, Table Runner, etc.) 

Crafts Section I
 Faye Dawson, Chairman

Refer to Creative Arts General Rules


Class 1 - Wall Hangings (entry code CA-I01)

Class 2 - Wreaths
     a.  Fabric (entry code: CA-I02a)                                 
     b.  Grapevine (entry code: CA-I02b)     
     c.  Paper Twist (entry code: CA-I02c) 
     d.  Greenery (entry code: CA-I02d)
     e.  Other (entry code: CA-I02e)   

 Class 3 - Painted Item
     a.  Wooden Item  (entry code: CA-I03a)   
     b.  Farm Implement (entry code: CA-I03b) 
     c.  Miscellaneous Painted Item  (entry code: CA-I03c)      
Class 4 - Room Décor (items made for decorating a specific room)
     a.  Kitchen (entry code: CA-I04a)
     b.  Bath (entry code: CA-I04b)
     c.  Den (entry code: CA-I04c)
     d.  Bedroom (entry code: CA-I04d)
     e.  Outdoor (entry code: CA-I04e)      

Class 5 - Jewelry
     a.  Necklace (entry code: CA-I05a)
     b.  Pin (entry code: CA-I05b)
     c.  Earrings (entry code: CA-I05c)
     d.  Set (entry code: CA-I05d)   
     e.  Bracelet (entry code: CA-I05e)
     f.   Miscellaneous Jewelry Items  (entry code:  CA-I05f)       

Class 6 - Flower Arrangement  (Dried or Silk)
     a.  Hanging – small (entry code: CA-I06a)
     b.  Hanging – large (entry code: CA-I06b)
     c.  Non-hanging – Small (entry code: CA-I06c)
     d.  Non-hanging – Large (entry code: CA-I06d)
     e.  Swag (entry code: CA-I06e)

Class 7 – Bead Work
     a.  Belt (entry code: CA-I07a)
     b.  Hatband/Hair Accessory (entry code: CA-I07b)
     c.  Jewelry (entry code: CA-I07c)
     d.  Miscellaneous Bead Work Items  (entry code:  CA-I07d)

Class 8 - Accessory     
     a.  Hair - bow, barrette, etc. (entry code: CA-I08a)
     b.  Belts (entry code: CA-I08b)      
     c.  Collars (entry code: CA-I08c)
     d.  Purse (entry code: CA-I08d)
     e.  Shoes (entry code: CA-I08e)
     f.  Bonnet/Hat  (entry code: CA-I08f) 
     g.  Apron (entry code: CA-I08g)  
     h.  Miscellaneous Accessory (entry code:  CA-I08h)  

Class 9 – Papercrafting  (pages need to be in page protectors)    
     a.  Single Page Layout  (entry code: CA-I09a)
     b.  Two Page Layout (limit 1 per person) (entry code: CA-l09b)  
     c.  Greeting Cards  (entry code:  CA-I09c)
     d.  Special Occasion  (entry code:  CA-I09d)

Class 10 - Decorated Basket or Box (entry code: CA-I10)

Class 11 – Mosaic (entry code:  CA-I11)

Class 12 – Model
     a.  Plastic (entry code: CA-I12a)  
     b.  Wood (entry code: CA-I12b)
     c.  Metal (entry code: CA-I12c)    
     d.  Miscellaneous Material Model  (entry code:  CA-I12d)                            

Class 13 – Picture Frame (entry code: CA-I13)

Class 14 – Doll 
      a.  Doll (entry code: CA-I14a)  
      b.  Doll Clothes (entry code: CA-I14b)
      c.  Doll Related Item (entry code: CA-I15c)

Class 15 - Homecoming Items  (entry code:  CA-I15)

Class 16 - Miscellameous Craft Items  (entry code:  CA-I16)


Designer – Craftsmen Section J
Gayle Boase, Chairman                                                                      2014 - Sweepstakes

Refer to Creative Arts General Rules


Class 1- Furniture
     a.  Baby Item (entry code: CA-J01a)      
     b.  Den or Living Room (entry code: CA-J01b)          
     c.  Kitchen or Dining room (entry code: CA-J01c)
     d.  Bedroom (entry code: CA-J01d)
     e.  Outdoor  (entry code: CA-J01e)
     f.   Restored (entry code: CA-J01f)

Class 2 – Knives  
     a.  Knife and Sheath (entry code: CA-J02a)  
     b.  Pocket and Folding (entry code: CA-J02b) 
     c.  Hunting Knife – small (entry code: CA-J02c)
     d.  Hunting Knife – large (entry code: CA-J02d)
     e.  Kitchen Knife (entry code: CA-J02e)
     f.   Paring Knife (entry code: CA-J02f)
     g.  Leather Working (entry code: CA-J02g)
     h.  Knife Set (entry code: CA-J02h) 

 Class 3 – Sculpture   
     a.  Clay (entry code: CA-J03a)   
     b.  Wood (entry code: CA-J03b)
     c.  Metal (entry code: CA-J03c)
     d.  Mixed Medium (entry code: CA-J03d)
     e.  Plaster (entry code:  CA-J03e)
     f.  Other Sculpture Material  (entry code:  CA-J03f)

Class 4 – Hand Carved Wood
     a.  Animal (entry code: CA-J04a)    
     b.  Bird (entry code: CA-J04b)    
     c.  People (entry code: CA-J04c)    
     d.  Flower (entry code: CA-J04d)                               
     e.  Ship (entry code: CA-J04e)
     f.   Walking Stick (entry code: CA-J04f)
     g.  Pen Set (entry code: CA-J04g)
     h.  Picture Frame (entry code: CA-J04h)
     i.   Name Plate (entry code: CA-J04i)

Class 5 – Metal Art 
     a.  Small  (entry code:  CA-J05a)
     b.  Medium  (entry code:  CA-J05b)
     c.  Large  (entry code:  CA-J05c)

Class 6 – Wooden Item 
     a.  Small (entry code: CA-J06a)    
     b.  Medium (entry code: CA-J06b)
     c.  Large (entry code: CA-J06c)

Class 7 – Wood Cutting                                                                              2014 - Sweepstakes
     a.  Small (entry code:  CA-J07a)
     b.  Medium (entry code: CA-J07b)
     c.  Large (entry code:  CA-J07c)

Class 8 – Stained Glass (entry code: CA-J08)

Class 9 – Wood Burning (entry code: CA-J09)

Class 10 – Ceramics (entry code: CA-J10)    

Class 11 - Pinewood Derby  (entry code:  CA-J11)

Class 12 - Miscellaneous Designer/Craftsman Items  (entry code:  CA-J12)