Are you ready for the 2015 Titus County Fair to get here?  We hope so because this year's Fair is a really special one!  We are celebrating our 40th Annual Fair this year!  Who would have thought that first event in 1975 organized by our county extension agents Huella Campbell and Dick McCarver would have a 40 year run?  It's been fun to see the fair grow through the years to where we are now.  The days of settings up a tent and handing up long cords with lights for livestock are memories for a few of us.  The Fair has indeed come a long way when you consider that we now have a poultry and livestock building, an entertainment stage, 20 acres of land along Washington Street, hundreds of livestock panels, 22 sets of portable bleachers and numerous other items used in conjunction with putting on the Fair.  None of which were owned 40 years go.  The Fair Association has awarded several thousand dollars in scholarships and recently increased our annual scholarship funding to $8,000 for four Titus County students.  We have made generous donations annually to local organizations and groups that provide assistance during the Fair with working gates, parking cars and trash pickup to name a few. The Fair also participated in the Hospital's capital campaign by pledging $25,000 donation whch was paid over a 5 year period.  All of the directors, chairman and volunteers over the years have done a tremendous job of keeping the Fair going each year while growing to the great event and organization which it is today.

We are grateful for the support of our business community and their important contributions to the Fair's success.  They have purchased several million dollars of livestock through our annual junior livestock sale, sponsored events and awards and paid exhibitor fees to show off their goods and services at the fair.  We are truly blessed to live in a community where the businesses are so supportive. 

Thank you to all of you that enter items to be judged each year.  We have some very talented folks in our community and it's always exciting to see what you bring to be displayed.  Community participation is what makes our Fair a great county Fair. 

This year we have Susie McEntire, John Conlee, Jesse Raub, Jr and Los Texas Wranglers as headline shows to help us celebrate our 40th year.  We also have great up and coming East Texas favorites lined up including Tyler and the Tribe, Cody Wayne and Westbound 21 and Bo Hennessy to provide some of the best Texas music to be found in this area.  Tammy Barton Hypnotist show, Wade Henry, Dwayne Hill, The Balloon Baffoon and Lanky the Clown will round out the entertainment.

Make sure you "like" our Titus County Fair Facebook page, as nearly 7,000 other folks have done, to stay informed about the fair.  We would like to see our fan page grow to 10,000 so share our page with your friends.  Updates and reminders on our page between now and fair time will be the best way to stay up to date about the fair.  It's also probably the easiest way to contact us with your questions about the 2015 fair.  

Check out the photos that we have included in this catalog from prior years.  If you have photos, please share with us on facebook.  We look forward to seeing you at the 2015 Titus County Fair.

Steve Russell